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Sunvida - Midas Vase

Item Code 12ST03 Yellow Gold and Blue Vase 37cm*12cm Learn More

Autumn Vase

Item Code AUTUMNVASE01 H39*D4*D8cmLearn More

Egypt Bulb Vase

Item Code EGYPTVASE01 H29*D9*D17cmLearn More

Blue Hourglass Vase

Item Code BLUEHOURVASE01 H30,5*D16cmLearn More

Bubble Bottle Vase

Item Code BOTTLEVASE01 H42*D4,5*D13cmLearn More

Diamond Vase

Item Code DIAMONDVASE01 h25*D16*D9,5cmLearn More

Textured Glass Vase

Item Code TEXVASE01 H24*D12cmLearn More

Ribbed Nouveau Vase

Item Code RIBNOUV01 H26*D12*D8,5cmLearn More

Set of 2 Vases

Item Code SET2VASE H25*D14*D4,5cmLearn More

Set of 2 Metallic Ombre Candle Holders

Item Code METCANDLE01 Large H18*D11,5cm Small H10*D10cmLearn More

Glass Closh with Base

Item Code CLOSH01 Base H2,5*H13,5cm Closh D12*H21cmLearn More

Gold Foil Geo Vase

Item Code GOLD01 H15*D11,5cmLearn More

Blue Bottle Vase

Item Code BLUEBOTTLE01 H20,5*D3,5*D6cmLearn More

Clear Single Stem Vase

Item Code STEMVASE01 H25*D7*D3,5cmLearn More

Mini Carafe Vase

Item Code CARAFEVASE01 H15*D5,5cmLearn More

Ribbed Hourglass Vase

Item Code RIBVASE01 H20*D11,5cmLearn More

Set of 2 Single Stem Vases

Item Code SET2SINGLEVASE Large H31*D4*D8,5cm Medium H26*D3,5*D6,5cmLearn More

Red Swirl Vase

Item Code TV2 Hand Blown 240*132*92mmLearn More